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BioMic (Humic acid) Granule

What nutrients does it contain?

Humic Acid

What is it & how does it help in crop nutrition?


  • BioMic is generated from decayed plants and animals.
  • BioMic helps to improve soil structure
  • BioMic helps to increase nutrient uptake in plants.
  • By enhancing plant growth-promoting hormones like auxin and cytokinin, which support stress resistance, nutrient metabolism, and photosynthesis, BioMic also promotes crop growth.
  • The efficiency of pesticides and fertilizers is improved by BioMic.
  • Shelf life of fruits and vegetables are also enhanced by BioMic application.


How do they benefit farmers?

At present, farmers encounter difficulties safeguarding their soil, and our products offer a viable solution. By using our products, farmers can achieve increased crop yields and higher-quality produce, resulting in greater profits for them.

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