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Upho (Urea Phosphate 17:44:00)

What nutrients does it contain?


Nitrogen and Phosphorus


What is it & how does it help in crop nutrition?

  • Upho contains 17 % Nitrogen and 44% Phosphorous.
  • Upho dissolves fully in water.
  • Upho is a good supplier of phosphate and nitrogen.
  • Upho has an acidic nature.
  • Upho is beneficial to all crops.
  • Upho increases the fruit, flower, and tillers in the plant.
  • Upho enhances the quantity and quality of the crop yield. 
  • Upho increases root sprouting, setting, and growth.
  • Nitrogen is an essential constituent of protein, amino acid.
  • Nitrogen also enhances the vegetative growth in plants.
  • Phosphorous helps in root growth, disease resistance and also helps to increase the activity of Rhizobium.

How do they benefit farmers?

At present, farmers encounter difficulties safeguarding their soil, and our products offer a viable solution. By using our products, farmers can achieve increased crop yields and higher-quality produce, resulting in greater profits for them.

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